A Stylish Guide To Different Choker Necklace Styles

At Zaveri Bros., we take pride in creating stunning Polki, diamond, and gold jewellery that embodies beauty and grace. Our love for jewellery goes beyond just craftsmanship; it's about crafting timeless pieces that express individual style and finesse. On that note, we're thrilled to share our thoughts on some of the most stunning choker styles, as well as styling advice for these iconic accessories. From classic chokers to statement pieces, Zaveri Bros is here to help you navigate the world of choker necklaces and choose the perfect style to complement your distinct personality and outfit. Join us as we explore different kinds of chokers and discover the secrets of effortless beauty.

What Is A Choker Necklace?

Chokers, or close-fitting necklaces, have long been a favourite accessory among women around the world. Choker-style necklaces have changed dramatically over time, from simple yet stylish designs to elaborate pieces worn by celebrities. Chokers, which are worn by people from all over the world, come in a variety of styles and designs, each adding a touch of grace and sophistication to any outfit. Whether you're new to chokers or a seasoned fan, there's always something exciting to discover in the world of choker styles.

History of Choker Necklaces 

Chokers have a vast history, extending back to ancient civilisations such as the Sumerians and Minoans, who used them as protective and symbolic adornments. Chokers' style and meaning developed over centuries, making them popular accessories among monarchs, dancers, and even rebellious subcultures. From the beautiful pearl chokers worn by Queen Alexandra to the rebellious lace and velvet chokers of the 1920s, the evolution of choker necklace styles reflects shifting fashion trends and societal conventions. Chokers have had a resurgence in popularity in the modern era, from unisex forms in the 1960s to mass-produced plastic chokers in the 1990s, and they continue to be adaptable accessories valued for their ability to give a touch of appeal to any outfit.

How to Wear Chokers Effortlessly? 

Pair a matching choker necklace with outfits that highlight your neckline to up your style game. Chokers look great with strapless gowns, v-neck tops, and plunging necklines. Choose clothes that allow your choker to shine, resulting in a compelling look that emphasises your neckline and highlights the appeal of various forms of chokers.

Types of Choker Necklaces

Don't worry about how to wear choker necklaces; with so many different types available, they easily complement a variety of outfits and styles.

Classic Choker 

Classic choker necklaces are delicately designed jewellery pieces that are frequently embellished with timeless and valuable stones. A classic gold choker necklace is a popular choice, bringing sophistication and charm to any outfit, and has become a standard in traditional jewellery fashion.

Styling Tip

A classic choker styling suggestion is to wear your necklace with a little black dress or a saree for an effortless, stylish look. Simply accessorise with a classic choker necklace, style your hair in loose waves or a sleek updo, wear little makeup, and let your necklace steal the show, giving a touch of elegance to your look.

Lace Choker

Lace Choker

A lace choker, also known as a bib choker, is a fashionable accessory that adds sophistication and edge to any look. Made of delicate lace material, these chokers come in a variety of patterns and designs, adding versatility and beauty to your look.

Styling Tip

Pair a black lace choker with a patterned romper, and complete the look with a black cross-body bag and platform sandals. As the weather cools, pair a neutral-coloured lace choker with frayed denim jeans and fringe shoes to complete your autumn look. For a night out, go with a broader lace choker to elongate longer necks or a narrower choker for shorter necks, and match it with an all-black outfit for a confident look.

Pendant Choker

Pendant Choker

A pendant choker is a fashionable item that combines the classy look of a necklace with the secure fit of a choker. It often consists of a short chain with a little pendant or charm suspended beautifully at the centre of the neckline. Pendant chokers are distinguished by their removable pendant, which allows for style versatility and the option of wearing the choker alone for a minimalist appearance or with the pendant for extra charm.

Styling Tip

Style a pendant choker with scoop-neck tops, V-neck blouses, or dresses with open necklines to highlight the pendant's delicate appeal. Consider removing the pendant and wearing only the choker for a chic and minimalist appearance. Whether you're preparing for a casual outing or a big occasion, a pendant choker adds beauty and femininity to any look.

Statement Choker

Statement chokers are eye-catching accessories that leave a lasting impact. These chokers are designed to stand out, with elaborate designs, huge pendants, and eye-catching embellishments. They add drama and beauty to any appearance, making them ideal for big occasions and red carpet events. Statement chokers frequently incorporate crystals, gemstones, or distinctive themes, which serve as discussion starters wherever they go.

Styling Tip

Pair a bold choker with lovely evening gowns or sleek dresses to create a show-stopping look. Allow the striking design of the choker to take centre stage while keeping the rest of your outfit modest and unobtrusive. Whether you're attending a formal function or a beautiful soirée, a statement choker adds finesse and flair to your outfit.

Pearl Choker

Women wearing Pearl choker

Pearl chokers are the epitome of beauty and elegance and have been treasured as timeless accessories for generations. They create a classic and refined style by using a single string of beautiful pearls to delicately wrap around the neck. Pearl chokers are versatile and may be worn for both formal and casual occasions, giving a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Styling Tip

Pair a pearl choker with a variety of ensembles, including wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, and even a plain white blouse and jeans, for an elegant daytime appearance. The dazzling pearls reflect light beautifully, enhancing the wearer's natural radiance and giving a touch of timeless class to any ensemble.

Tassel Choker 

Tassel chokers add a bohemian chic vibe to your look, with a choker band embellished with a fun fringe of tassels or threads that delicately dangle from the neck. These necklaces ooze effortless charm and informal style, making them ideal for those who value a free-spirited and laid-back lifestyle. Furthermore, many tassel chokers have removable tassels, providing numerous style options for a variety of events and preferences.

Styling Tip

Tassel chokers look great with flowy maxi dresses, off-the-shoulder blouses, and festival-inspired outfits. Tassel chokers, whether you're going to a music festival or a simple brunch with friends, bring a touch of joy and movement to your outfit, enhancing it with their lively and dynamic flare. Experiment with various tassel lengths and colours to easily customise your look and reflect your individual flair.

Contemporary Choker

Contemporary chokers exemplify modern aesthetics, with clean lines and sleek shapes. These chokers radiate understated beauty and adaptability by featuring minimalist components such as plain metal bands, geometric forms, and delicate chains. They are appropriate for a variety of settings, smoothly moving from business meetings to dinner dates while adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Styling Tip

Layer contemporary chokers with different necklaces to create a fashion-forward outfit. Wear them with tailored suits for a professional style, sheath dresses for formal occasions, or casual denim ensembles for a chic everyday look. Experiment with different lengths and textures to create unique layers and give your outfit a modern edge.

Gold Choker

Gold chokers are an icon of everlasting beauty and warmth, with shiny gold metal adding a brilliant touch to your neckline. These chokers, which come in a variety of styles ranging from simple bands to highly created patterns and embellishments, provide versatility that can be worn day or night. They go well with a variety of clothes, including casual ensembles, office clothing, and evening gowns, letting you express your particular style in a magnificent way.

Gold Choker

Styling Tip

Layer gold chokers with different necklaces to provide depth and texture. Pair them with casual ensembles to add a touch of refinement or with formal attire to boost your look for special occasions. Experiment with different lengths and designs to create unique combos that match your personal style. Gold chokers, whether worn alone or layered, are a beautiful statement piece that accentuates any outfit.

Bridal Choker

Bridal Choker Necklace

Bridal chokers are specifically made to enhance a bride's glamour on her wedding day, with gorgeous designs embellished with crystals, pearls, and delicate motifs. These chokers look stunning on wedding gowns, giving a touch of bridal beauty to the bride's neckline. Bridal chokers, which represent eternal romanticism, are treasured souvenirs that capture memories of a special wedding day.

Styling Tip

When styling wedding chokers, consider pairing them with other bridal accessories like earrings, bracelets, or hairpieces to get a unified bridal look. Choose chokers that complement the neckline of your wedding gown, ensuring they enhance rather than overshadow your overall look. Additionally, select chokers with adjustable closures for a comfortable fit that will allow you to enjoy your big day without discomfort. Whether you like a classic pearl choker or a brilliant crystal design, bridal chokers bring sophistication and emotion to your bridal look, resulting in lasting memories.

Care and Maintenance of Choker Necklaces 

Follow these care instructions to help your choker-style necklaces last longer and look their best:

  • Keep choker-style necklaces away from dampness to avoid tarnish and fading.
  • To minimise tangling, store choker necklaces in jewellery cases with loops.
  • After each use, gently wipe choker-style necklaces with a clean cloth.
  • To prevent tangling and scratching, store choker necklaces between layers of cotton wool in a sealed plastic bag. Avoid storing many types in the same box.
  • To keep your choker necklaces clean, use particular jewellery cleaning products based on the necklace's make and material, or contact the store where you purchased the necklace for cleaning guidance.

Chokers have been a beloved ornament for a long time, ranging from simple patterns to intricate ones worn by celebrities around the world. Chokers come in a variety of styles, from classic pearl chokers to bridal pieces, and each choker necklace type has its own distinct character. These different kinds of chokers highlight the wide number of choices available, making them perfect for a variety of events and styles. Chokers are notable for their versatility, as they can be worn as bracelets or bajubands. Chokers, with their rich history and adaptability, continue to be a classic complement to any outfit, evoking elegance and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which type of choker is best?

Choosing the perfect choker is primarily influenced by your personal preferences and the event you're attending. Consider your personal style and the tone of the occasion while selecting a choker. Whether you go with an easy pearl choker or an elaborate statement piece, let your pick reflect your personality and the vibe of the occasion.

In which dress can we wear a choker?

Make the most of your choker by pairing it with clothing with lower necklines. Choose strapless or v-neck gowns, as well as plunge, square, or sweetheart necklines, to accent chokers perfectly. Leave some room between your necklace and your chest for an elegant finish.

What does a choker symbolise? 

Wearing a choker can hold deep and personal meaning. Many people associate wearing a choker with confidence and independence. While many people regard it as an alluring piece of jewellery, it can also be used to establish one's personality or to convey a daring statement. Chokers are used as symbols of rebellion and uniqueness in subcultures like punk and goth.

Where can I find choker necklaces to purchase?

We at Zaveri Bros. have a beautiful range of chokers available for purchase. Ranging from traditional to classic gold to ruby diamonds and polki. Visit our stores in Coimbatore and Gurgaon to see and try them before purchasing, or visit our website to view these delightful pieces.

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