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Zaveri Bros has woven a legacy synonymous with trust and timeless designs across three generations. Established in 1993, our founders, Mrs. Sangeeta and Mr. Naresh Chetan, have built a brand that thrives on trust, integrity, exceptional customer service, and one-of-a-kind designs. Over the years, the brand has evolved from Gold Jewellery to Diamond Jewellery and is now a place where we house some of the best designs in Polki, Diamond, and Italian Jewellery.

Fuelled by a passion to elevate your overall experience, our commitment is to infuse every moment of your journey with the ease and convenience you deserve. In perfect harmony with this ethos, we're thrilled to unveil "Jeweller on Wheels," a groundbreaking concept set to launch across South India.

“Jeweller on Wheels” is a visionary idea born from our genuine connection with you, our cherished customers. It's our way of making the extraordinary accessible, crafted with the same dedication that has defined us for generations.

Explore the Journey of Jeweller on Wheels

Because We Feel True Luxury Should Come To You, Wherever You Are!

Tailored with your convenience as our top priority, the experience is crafted to cater to the needs of busy brides and individuals seeking to involve their loved ones in the joyous journey of selecting jewellery from the comfort of their home. Picture the heartwarming scene of your grandma or a cherished elder handpicking jewellery with you. Because, in the end, this is what we do – we think of you!

Though on wheels, we assure you that convenience does not mean you have to compromise on variety. Our dedicated consultants are equipped to showcase a vast selection of stunning jewellery as diverse as your taste. We also believe that everyone must have access to remarkable designs and exceptional customer service extending beyond the proximity of our physical store.

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