How to choose a perfect Engagement ring – A Guide for the Modern

The history of engagement rings can be traced back to the ancient Romans who introduced the idea of expressing love and dedication through a ring. Today, engagement rings are still an important symbol of the beginning of a relationship and eternal love. The circular shape of the ring symbolizes the unending nature of love, and it's traditionally worn on the left hand's ring finger, believed to contain the heart's vein.

When it comes to engagement ring styles, there's no shortage of options to choose from. The "cut" of the ring refers to how the diamond, emerald, ruby, or other gemstone is placed on the ring. From prong settings that anchor the diamond with metal claws to channel settings that protect stones by tightly packing them in metal channels, the possibilities are endless.

Gemstones also play a significant role in engagement rings. While diamonds are a popular choice among most ladies, other gemstones like emeralds, aquamarine, topaz, sapphires, and rubies offer unique touches to the ring. Emeralds, for example, add a magical touch to the ring and come in various shades of green, while aquamarine's light-blue gemstones glisten and have healing properties. Topaz represents wealth and prosperity and comes in various hues like blue, peach, yellow, and pink.

Whatever engagement ring you choose for your significant other, whether it's a diamond or another gemstone, it should reflect your love and commitment to each other. Remember, the engagement ring represents your everlasting love for your mate, and it's a symbol of the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

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