The art of layering the Wedding Jewellery as a Bride

A bride's ensemble is only complete with the addition of jewellery. Be it temple jewellery, a magnificent kundan necklace, or something from your grandma's heirloom, the modern-day bride of today is aware of how to put a look together. She ensures that she looks spectacular at the wedding with her unique style.

Investigating the Time-Honored "Rule of Three"

Fashion gurus always follow "The Rule of Three" while layering bridal jewellery. It shows brides how to layer their wedding jewellery like diva-level professionals.

Depending on your neckline, the "golden rule of three"—one statement piece and two supporting pieces—is optimum.

Starting simple is best. Start with two simpler, shorter pieces. After a while, you'll be able to make a bold statement with a daring item and experiment with more aggressive combinations.

The three points of the neck—the collarbone, the bust line, and the neckline—should be considered while picking necklace lengths for your bridal collection.

Simple Guidelines to Help You Slay with Layering

While stacking wedding jewellery, consider the following:

  • Examine the neckline of your blouse

To determine whether it has a deep cut, an open cut, embroidery, or is plain. When wearing an item with a densely embroidered neckline, avoid layering excessively to avoid creating an appearance that is too busy or cluttered.

  • Choose appropriate color tones 

The lehenga or saree colors in the wedding jewellery layering create a harmonious, playful look.

  • Layer different embellishments

Stacking pearls, diamonds, and polki with pastels is an excellent approach for brides who prefer lighter wedding jewellery to create a beautiful look.

  • Experiment with different jewellery

Try different gemstone sizes and shapes, necklace materials, and styles to create a unique look for the bride.

  • Layering essentials

Preparations for the big day might be challenging. One can safely layer jewelry with satlada necklaces and pearl, emerald, and ruby strings. Elegant and fashionable, a bride can always wear these.


layering the Wedding Jewellery

layering the Wedding Jewellery

layering the Wedding Jewellery layering the Wedding Jewellery


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