Tips to maintain your precious Polki Jewellery Sets

You've finally acquired a piece of jewellery fit for a queen, and you're planning to wear it to the gala dinner. You own a work of art, but like many others, you must learn how to keep it safe. This isn't like a piece of gold or diamond jewellery; it's more like a work of art.

It took decades to perfect the method used to create Polki jewellery. Before understanding how to preserve it, you should understand the unique challenges this type of jewellery presents. Let's find out what's within that piece of jewellery.

Jewellery care for your precious Polki sets – Do’s and Don’ts


  • It is essential to keep the jewellery away from any light, whether direct or indirect and dampness.
  • Different parts should be stored in different ways. To prevent condensation from forming on them, they should be stored in containers or bags that are hermetically sealed against air. If the components are not correctly stored, the moisture will eventually cause corrosion on the pieces.
  • When cleaning your jewellery, try wiping it down with warm soap that does not contain any detergent or baby shampoo and then drying it with a cotton cloth. When you pack them up, you should ensure they are scorched.
  • Check the condition of your jewellery once a year to prevent any damage or screws that are too loose.
  • As you allow your jewellery to "breathe out," make sure to store it in a location that is free of moisture to prevent any form of corrosion on the gemstones.
  • When washing the jewellery, be sure to dry each piece thoroughly.


  • To prevent the jewellery from becoming tarnished, keep it away from various perfumes, sprays, deodorants, and perfumes.
  • Avoid bringing into contact with harsh soaps, detergents, and water that has been flavoured or is unclean.
  • Be careful to spend an appropriate amount of time in light and dusty areas. The item may corrode more quickly as a result of this.
  • While applying makeup, hair spray, or any other chemical, you should not wear any jewellery simultaneously.
  • Please do not keep the jewellery stored away in a box for excessive time because it may tarnish. Every piece of jewellery needs some room to breathe now and then.

Maintain your precious Polki Jewellery Sets Maintain your precious Polki Jewellery Sets Maintain your precious Polki Jewellery Sets

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