South Indian weddings are widely recognised for their grand rituals, ceremonial outfits and traditional jewellery. Every state in south India has a unique way of celebrating weddings. As Zaveri’s established bridal jewellery collection is perfectly suitable for every kind of wedding, here’s a little cultural jewellery guide for various kinds of South Indian brides. 
Andhra Pradesh  
 It comes as no surprise that an Andhragini loves herself some vintage jewellery. The gold mang tikka famously known as Papidibilla in Andhra Pradesh gracefully compliments the bride’s requisite diamond nose ring. The string of royalty - TeenladaPanchlada Nakshi Vadanam and Satlada necklaces beautifully fabricated at Zaveri bro’s are genuinely essential as they could be paired with the classical gold earrings. The exquisitely handcrafted traditional Andhra jewellery collection at Zaveri makes every Andhragini look as beautiful as a queen from the 80’s. 
 The evergreen state which is well known as god’s own country, is one of the best location’s for a lovely destination wedding. The three different types of Kerala brides don unique and remarkable bridal jewellery. 
Kerala Hindu brides 
The Hindu brides from Kerala look absolutely stunning in their white mundu sareesand renowned traditional jewellery which carry ethnic and spiritual meanings. Whether it’s the the grand  Mullamottu Mala necklace or the antique Odiyanam gold belt, the state’s classic jewellery always stands out. One looks divine when these ceremonial ornaments are paired with heavy bangles, Jhimki earrings, anklets, toerings and the famous Maang tikka also known as Nettichutti in Kerala. Every piece of jewellery has a distinguished significance and we, at Zaveri Bros, absolutely savour crafting such meaningful bijouterie. 
Kerala Christian brides 
A Christian bride in Kerala looks nothing less than an angel as she walks down the aisle in her divine white saree. We believe, the key to a happy Christian bride’s heart is classically appealing jewellery that is fused with modern day elegance. A choker or a Kasumala necklace made of gold or diamonds would go amazingly well with gorgeous waistbands, tiaras, and white diamond bangles. We like to call it the polished Zaveri recipe to an ideal Kerala Christian bride! 
Kerala Muslim brides 
The Kerala Muslim bride’s casket is filled with heavy jewellery, one can only wonder how they manage to carry all the jewellery weight so gracefully for hours together! With a varied collection of jewellery that glows, Zaveri Bros ensures that she shines as bright as the sun on her special dayNecklaces such as Padi Mala, Aalochana Mala and Chakrakanni Mala are a sheer delight to the eye. The saree belt also known as Arappata in Kerala is one of the prime ornaments donned by a Kerala Muslim bride. PachakalluMekkath and Alicathu earrings along with heavy bangles, numerous rings and appealing anklets completes the dazzling look. 
The roots of Karnataka, thehistory, natural splendor and beautiful bridal jewellery is largely adored all over India.The weddings in Karnataka are short and sweet. Kannadiga brides prefer pairing their famous Navaari and brocade sarees with traditional antique kadas such as Kembina Bale, Coorgi Bale, Havale Bale and Lakshmi Bale. They take pride in their classic high bun and plait style hair-do that looks great with the classic mang tikka labeled as netti bottu in Karnataka. Zaveri also designs vintage waist belts known as Kamarbandh, and armlets otherwise called Tholu Bandi in different styles and gems, thus, fashioning every Karnataka bride’s jewellery uniquely. 
Tamil Nadu  
The southern most state famed for its ancient temples and traditions is bound to have the best weddings! The authentic Kanjeevaram silk sarees are the epitome of beauty and grace. A Tamil bride would look like an absolute goddess in Zaveri’s finest Tamil bridal jewellery collection consisting of long necklaces, like, the Lakshmi Haram and the Kilikasu Haram made of gold. Majority of the Tamil bridal ornaments such as the maang tikka, rings, anklets, Ottiyanam and Matha Pattis are made of gold as its known to be their favourite metal! The Jadai billai, a ritualistic hair ornament along with the Suryapirai and Chandrapirai hair brooches is a must have in every Tamil bride’s trousseau, thereby, ticking all the boxes of a quintessential Tamil Nadu bride. 

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