Diamond Buying Guide

We know you’re here because you only want the best and we would love to help you find the perfect diamond for you. We also know that buying diamonds can be a little overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean that you should ever compromise, we are here to guide you with the process, So just sit back on your recliner with your beverage of choice and let us take you through everything you need to know before you buy that beautiful fire radiating sparkling diamond.

Back to the Basics - The 4 Cs of a Diamond

1. Cut:

We believe the cut is the most important aspect of choosing a diamond. It's basically what determines the proportion, symmetry and polish of a diamond. The right cut will enhance the sparke and the light refraction of the diamond. The better the cut, the more likely your diamond is to sparkle bright and look gorgeous!
Zaveri Bros Tip
Invest in the cut. It’s the best decision you would ever make in buying a solitaire. ( And no one ever tells you this secret) A beautifully cut diamond can enhance the color and clarity over and above what it actually is: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor
Zaveri Bros always recommends Excellent Cut

2. Clarity

When light passes through a diamond, it bounces back, or refracts, making the diamond light up! Most diamonds have imperfections in the form of spots and blemishes. The more the imperfections, the more difficult it is for light to pass through, thereby reducing the light refracted, therefore less sparkle . If we lost you here, then just remember lower clarity equals more inclusions and better clarity means fewer inclusions.
Zaveri Bros Tip
If you’re buying a diamond that’s under a carat, don’t worry too much over the inclusions or blemishes because they are not visible to an untrained eye. Go for the better cut and continue to shine.
FL - Flawless diamonds have no inclusions or blemishes detectable under 10x magnification, and are absolutely rare.
Zaveri Bros recommended clarity is VVS

3. Colour

Ironically, the best color for a diamond would be ‘colorless’. The colors range from D (colorless) and go all the way to Z (light yellow). To be honest, the colour difference in diamonds within a colour family is quite subtle to an untrained eye. Nevertheless, they do create a difference in the price and quality of the diamond. Bottom line is, colorless diamonds are the most precious! Color is an integral part of buying a diamond and it affects the price you pay for it.
Zaveri Bros Tip
As diamond size increases, colour becomes more noticeable. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are purchasing a diamond of two carats or greater. If you pick a slightly yellow colored diamond, you can pair it with a white gold or platinum band. The white gold will complement the yellow hue of your diamond, and they won’t clash with each other!
D         E         F       G-J    K-M     N-R   S-Zo
Zaveri Bros recommended colour is F

4. Carat

A carat is measured based on the weight of the diamond. Two diamonds of equal carat will have different prices, depending on the other 3 Cs you go with. It's quite simple, really. Your ideal carat depends on: How big you want your stone and obviously, your budget.
Zaveri Bros Tip
Save a large amount by picking a 0.90 carat over a 1 carat diamond. Appearance is similar, you will be happy with this decision, trust us.
Zaveri Bros Tip Bigger the better, as diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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