Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Wedding Jewellery Inspirations for Your Big Day

Overview of Bollywood Bridal Jewellery Trends

Bollywood brides have always raised the bar for wedding fashion, displaying a combination of timeless grace and contemporary flair. From Anushka Sharma's stunning traditional jewels to Athiya Shetty's stylish polki jewellery, each bride has made her own style statement. 

These celebrity wedding jewellery trends provide a wealth of inspiration for brides-to-be, mothers, sisters, and guests alike. Whether it's Deepika Padukone's beautiful blend of Konkani and Sindhi traditions, Priyanka Chopra's classic Indian bridal look, or Katrina Kaif's modern yet traditional ensemble, these Bollywood actresses' jewellery choices are a wonderful fusion of tradition and modernity. 

At Zaveri Bros., we celebrate these classic styles by presenting a wide range of items inspired by celebrity bridal jewellery and Bollywood actress wedding jewellery, which helps you achieve a stunning, star-inspired ensemble on your special day. Soak up the inspiration and jazz up your wedding look with show-stopping jewellery items as unique and gorgeous as these Bollywood brides.


Significance of Jewellery in Indian Weddings

Jewellery plays an important role for any bride and represents cultural and traditional values. For example, a nath or nose ring symbolises marriage and fertility, while each item of bridal jewellery has its own importance. The range of jewellery pieces worn across India's various cultures is vast, reflecting regional and religious traditions. Bollywood bride wedding jewellery frequently embodies these traditions, but with a dash of flair. For a full reference to essential bridal jewellery pieces, see our previous blog, "10 Types of Bridal Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Have on Her List: A Guide to Indian Bridal Jewellery." This ensures that every bride can choose a collection that combines tradition and modern elegance.

10 Gorgeous Bridal Jewellery of Bollywood Brides

Discover the lovely Bollywood bride wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery that these stunning Bollywood brides wore on their special day. Get inspired by their glamour and find the ideal pieces to make your wedding look one-of-a-kind.

Anushka Sharma: The traditional yet statement bride 

Starting with Anushka Sharma's popular wedding to Virat Kohli, which established everlasting wedding fashion trends, she wore breathtaking traditional jewels. Her look featured a mathapatti, layered necklaces, and jhumkas embellished with jadau, pearls, and pink spinel. These statement pieces inspired major jewellery envy. 

If you want to wear unique soft palette clothing but keep your jewellery classic, this is the perfect option. And, yep, you guessed it, Zaveri Bros. carries a selection of these beautiful traditional pieces.


Deepika Padukone: Two states Bride

Deepika Padukone's wedding featured a gorgeous blend of jewellery for her Konkani and Sindhi bridal looks. For the Konkani ceremony, she wore a gold Kanjivaram saree with an antique-finish temple jewellery bib necklace stacked with rani-haar and jhumki earrings. Her accessories featured a polki mathapatti, studded kadas, statement rings with rubies and diamonds, and a paunchi on her wrists to match her mogra-adorned bridal hairdo. 

Deepika looked stunning in red and gold attire with a double dupatta drape, complete with a polki maangtikka, a spectacular bib-style choker necklace, and earrings. Her ensemble was finished with a pearl-strung nath, stacked polki kadas, and studded rings. This pairing could be great for a bride wishing to include the classic red colour into her ensemble or opting for a traditional south or north Indian style.  

We offer a premium collection of Indian jewellery pieces for both south and north Indian brides at Zaveri Bros.

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Priyanka Chopra: The Global Bride

Priyanka Chopra looked absolutely stunning and like a true Indian bride, dressed head to toe in red. She paired her gorgeous lehenga with traditional gold jewellery, including a matha patti, nath, and chura, as well as an exquisite necklace with pear-shaped diamonds set in ethical white gold. 

At Zaveri Bros., we adore Priyanka's style and offer a variety of magnificent pieces to help you emulate her classic bridal elegance. Even though she is a global celebrity and her Christian wedding look was effortless, she did not shy away from bringing out the traditional Indian wedding look, which we loved.

Sonam Kapoor: The Fashionista Bride

Sonam Kapoor's wedding outfit was a lovely example of timeless elegance, as she wore a traditional red lehenga with her own original twist. She completed her magnificent red and gold lehenga with beautiful temple jewellery, customised kaleeras, and simple, elegant makeup for a flawless bridal look. She wore a chokar, a guttaphusalu (long necklace), and a multi-stranded maang tikka.  

Zaveri Bros. celebrates Sonam's original approach and offers a similar selection of breathtaking jewellery pieces to help you create this charming and traditional bridal look.

Alia Bhatt: The Millennial Bride

Alia Bhatt, the epitome of the Millennial Bride, looked fabulous in a custom-made organza ivory saree complemented with diamond and pearl-studded jewellery that accentuated her glowing appearance. She wore an incredible choker studded with uncut diamonds and hand-strung pearls, which was beautifully matched by a mathapatti, jhumkas, and multiple diamond bangles. Zaveri Bros. offers a variety of spectacular pieces to complement ivory wedding attire, creating an enchanting bridal ensemble.

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Katrina Kaif: The Contemporary Bride

Katrina Kaif, the contemporary bride, paired her traditional red lehenga with luxurious bridal jewellery with uncut diamonds set in gold and delicately decorated with hand-strung pearls. Her regal appearance was further emphasised with a double-strapped matha patti, magnificent jewellery, and kadas. She dressed traditionally, wearing a nath to honour Devi Parvati, the Hindu goddess of marriage. Katrina's jewellery, which blended classic craftsmanship with modern elegance, exemplified her beautiful bridal taste. 

If you're a contemporary bride trying to add a touch of tradition to your ensemble, Zaveri Bros. has the perfect jewellery pieces to complement your style.

Kiara Advani: The Timeless Beauty 

Kiara Advani, the Timeless Beauty, endorsed the delicate characteristics of a modern bride while remaining true to traditional wedding practices. Her ensemble, which included an old-rose lehenga and elaborate embroidery inspired by Roman buildings, was embellished with real Swarovski crystals. Her soft pink makeup and little mehendi matched the traditional flower updo and red bindi. Kiara's jewellery was a breathtaking combination of ultra-fine hand-cut diamonds and rare Zambian emeralds, resulting in an elegant and stylish ensemble. 

If you wish to skip the polki jewellery for your special day and instead go with emerald or ruby diamonds, we offer a lovely range of diamond necklaces, diamond earrings & more to help you achieve a blend of tradition and modern elegance.

Parineeti Chopra: The Glamorous Bride 

The Glamorous Bride, Parineeti Chopra, radiated grandeur in her magnificent emerald and diamond jewels. Her jewellery set was the focal point of her muted gold lehenga, which was meticulously hand-embroidered with Nakshi work and metal sequins. She wore a multi-tiered, uncut necklace with Russian and Zambian emeralds, matching ear studs, and a Russian emerald maang tikka encrusted with Mozambique rubies. Her look featured a haathphool studded with uncut diamonds and Russian emeralds. 

If you are looking for muted-colour attire for your wedding day and want to add colour with jewellery pieces, look no further than Zaveri Bros. We have a wide selection of lovely jewellery pieces, ranging from rubies to emeralds and navratnas, to help you create a glamorous bridal ensemble for your special day.

Rakul Preet: A Dreamy Bride 

Rakul Preet mesmerised in a custom-made pastel pink lehenga with delicate floral designs accented with pearls, beads, and glitter. We call her the dreamy bride because of her delicate pastel pink gown, beautiful floral embellishments that provided a fairy-tale vibe, and stunning jewellery that complimented her romantic look wonderfully. Instead of long necklaces, Rakul chose a glorious choker studded with enormous, sparkling stones, as well as medium and small jewels, pearls, and beads. She wore bold earrings and a maangtika to complete her look. Notably, her engagement diamond ring elevated her bridal look, transforming her into a vision of beauty and grace.

 If you, too, wish to achieve a dreamlike look by complementing a soft floral gown with one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces for your wedding day, Zaveri Bros. is ready to help you with a diverse selection of jewellery pieces that flawlessly merge tradition and contemporary flare.

Athiya Shetty: The Gorgeous Bride

Athiya Shetty envisioned a stylish yet subtle bridal design that complemented her natural personality. Her clothing and jewellery enhanced her innate beauty, making her a wonderfully gorgeous bride. She chose a beautiful baby pink lehenga embellished with elaborate chikankari work in gold and ivory to represent elegance and artistry. Her choice of polki jewellery with huge stones and a simple, statement design reflected her refined taste. The necklace, which had tiny rubies behind the polki stones, provided depth and acted as the focal point of her outfit. 

Choose one of our many pieces of jewellery from Zaveri Bros. to get this fabulous look for your wedding day, which embodies modern elegance and combines tradition with trend-setting grace.

At Zaveri Bros., we believe every bride should feel like a star on her wedding day. We offer a wonderful collection that blends tradition and modern elegance, inspired by the magnificent celebrity wedding jewellery worn by Bollywood actresses. Our pieces inspired by celebrity bridal jewellery ensure that you can match the sophistication and beauty of these iconic brides of India. Whether you choose timeless pieces or contemporary designs, our collection of Bollywood actress wedding jewellery is designed to make you sparkle. Allow us to be a part of your journey, helping you create memories that will last a lifetime with jewellery that is as unique and wonderful as you are.


What type of jewellery is most popular among Bollywood brides?

While the bride's personality, clothing, desired style, and mood all play a role in her wedding jewellery selection, polki diamond jewellery is becoming increasingly popular among Bollywood brides. This classic yet beautiful option has become a favourite due to its ageless elegance and ability to make a striking statement while seamlessly mixing heritage and modern style.

How can I incorporate Bollywood bridal jewellery trends into my wedding?

Incorporating Bollywood bridal jewellery trends into your wedding will give your bridal style great glam. Choose stunning yet striking pieces, such as those worn by Bollywood celebrities, to leave a lasting impact. Consider creatively layering several pieces to highlight their particular beauty while also creating a cohesive and impactful overall look. Whether it's a magnificent mathapatti combined with tiered necklaces and embellished jhumkas or a polki diamond jewellery set that combines tradition and modern style, these options can add a touch of Bollywood-inspired beauty to your big day.

What should I consider when choosing my bridal jewellery?

When selecting your bridal jewellery, consider various factors to ensure that it complements your overall look. First, choose jewellery that compliments your outfit: statement pieces for simpler attire and subtler sparkle for more intricate clothes. For a cohesive look, match the metal to the colour of your garment. Second, consider your outfit's neckline while choosing jewellery that will compliment it harmoniously. Your hairdo also counts; choose earrings for updos and larger, layered necklaces for open hair. Most essential, choose pieces that reflect your personal style—whether traditional, contemporary, or a mix of the two—and prioritise comfort to ensure a joyous and comfortable wedding day experience.

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